Avant medical is the Benelux distributer of CHRONO-LOG

We are very excited to announce that Avant Medical has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Chronolog for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Chronolog is Celebrating over 50 YEARS of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative platelet technologies that have revolutionized Platelet Function testing in Clinical and Research Laboratories. Providing the most comprehensive platelet tests available from any one company, CHRONO-LOG® Platelet Aggregation and Secretion methodologies have been reliable tools in the diagnosis of platelet function defects, monitoring of anti-platelet drugs and assisting researchers in developing novel therapies.

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New COVID-19 antigen test that also measures viral load

New COVID-19 antigen test that also measures viral load

This new test from Boditech Medical detects the presence of the COVID-19 antigen in only 12 minutes, but it also provides an indication of the viral load. allowing the most infectious and most at-risk patients to be identified immediately. Not just positive or negative, but also how much.

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