COVID-19 solutions

Boditech AFIAS and LumiraDx testing solutions for COVID-19

Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19), the newly identified coronavirus 2019-nCOV, causes pneumonia so that prevention and control of the infection has become highly required.

Avant Medical has an innovative portfolio to provide the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg with accurate testing solutions for COVID-19 Antigen & Antibody tests at the point of care. With the Boditech AFIAS analysers and the LumiraDx Platform we can offer optimal solutions for fast on-site diagnosis with high accuracy.



So far, tens of millions have been infected and the following huge economic impact shakes global medical and social fundamentals. Since symptoms become rapidly severe without a proper treatment after onset of illness, early diagnosis of the virus infection is quite crucial. Boditech and LumiraDx are leaders in the in-vitro diagnostic area and provide total solutions of COVID-19 diagnosis that can be used in any environment. 

The AFIAS measures the concentration of a targeted analyte in a sample, using quantitative or semi-quantitative methods using blood, urine, and other samples. The AFIAS readers are easy to carry and hava a simple structure. The AFIAS platform uses all-in-one cartridges which automates the entire procedures from sample preparation to test when user loads sample only.

The LumiraDx Platform and tests are designed on the same principles as lab analyser systems, to deliver accurate results compared to laboratory reference assays across a number of parameters, in a portable, easy-to-use point of care solution.

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