New COVID-19 antigen test that also measures viral load

COVID-19 AFIAS-1 and AFIAS-6 product display

COVID-19 Antigen test

This new test from Boditech Medical detects the presence of the COVID-19 antigen in only 12 minutes, but it also provides an indication of the viral load, allowing the most infectious and most at-risk patients to be identified immediately. Not just positive or negative, but also how much.

AFIAS-1 and AFIAS-6 COVID-19 Ag display

Antigen tests differ from molecular biology tests; antigen tests do not search for the genetic material of the virus. Although they also use nasopharyngeal swabs to take the sample, antigen tests check for the presence of antigens and, therefore, for potential infection by searching for specific viral proteins. Avant-Medical provides the complete portfolio of Boditech tests; all with the same easy-to-use single use cartridges, were e.g. the COVID-19 Antigen is detected through a biochemical reaction which produces a fluorescent signal.

The COVID-19 Antigen test can be performed on two devices: the AFIAS 1 analyser, which can handle one test at a time, and AFIAS 6 analyser, can handle 6 samples at the same time.

COVID-19 Antibody test

These AFIAS analysers can also be used to perform a COVID-19 Antibody test, detecting the presence and measuring the quantity of IgM and IgG COVID-19 antibodies in a patient’s blood sample. For the COVID-19 Antibody test a sample can be taken through a finger prick (capillary blood collection) or through venous blood collection.

Covid-19 Antibody test with AFIAS 1 and AFIAS 6

Avant-Medical partnered with Boditech to provide the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg with an extensive portfolio of tests, inclusive the new COVID-19 Antigen & Antibody kits, optimized for fast on-site diagnosis with high accuracy. The AFIAS Analysers are already years in use in several hospitals, but especially in decentralised settings, such as emergency rooms, private clinics, or other locations where  time or patient convenience matter.

In addition a new Interleukin-6 test is now available for the identification of confirmed COVID-19 patients who could be at high risk.

Product selection guide for the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection

Boditech COVID-19 Product guide

Boditech COVID-19 Product List:

Boditech COVID-19 Product list with Antigen, antibody and Interleukin-6 tests
AFIAS-1 is a automatic immunoassay system
Boditech AFIAS-1 immunoassay system

The AFIAS-1 measures the concentration of a targeted analyte in a sample, using quantitative or semi-quantitative methods using blood, urine, and other samples. The AFIAS-1 reader is easy to carry and has a simple structure. Also, AFIAS-1 uses all-in-one cartridges which automates the entire procedures from sample preparation to test when user loads sample only.

AFIAS-6 is a automated fluorescent immunoassay system
Boditech AFIAS-6 immunoassay system

The AFIAS-6 uses blood, urine, and other samples to measure quantitatively or semi-quantitatively the concentration of targeted analyte. AFIAS all-in-one cartridges are designed to optimize the structure and operating principle of the reader. Its automated test process enables to carry out multiple simultaneous tests for six different samples.

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