Haematex DRVT

Dilute Russels Viper Venom Test

Haematex DRVT Dilute Russels Viper Venom Test

We have expertise in developing internationally recognised dRVVT, KCT and SACT tests for lupus anticoagulant, tests for activated protein C resistance and the protein C pathway for other organisations. Now we are involved in the design and evaluation of new methods for blood coagulation testing, principally for studying hypercoagulability and in research on acquired inhibitors of coagulation.

Worlds best dRVT reagents for lupus anticoagulant testing.
LA sensitive dRVT-LS and lupus resistant dRVT-LR reagents are available in powder form for preparation of liquid “ready for use” reagents. These reagents are colour coded (green for “screen”, LA Sensitive; pink for “confirm”, LA Resistant) and are stable for up to 2 years at 4°C. Results are more reliable than those from regeants of other suppliers (Comparative data from external evaluations are available on request). The LS/LR combination shows no false positive results on samples containing NOACS or plasmas from warfarin patients.

Product Brand Code Kit
dRVT-LS (liquid reagent) Haematex X9701-10 10 ml vial
dRVT-LR (liquid reagent) Haematex X9702-10 10 ml vial

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