Protease Inhibitors


Synthetic, low molecular weight inhibitors of serine proteases. Range includes competitive as well as irreversible inhibitors. Application: removal of undesired proteolytic activity to increase specificity of chromogenic substrate assays or to protect specific proteins from proteolytic degradation.


PF073-70 Aprotinin Conc. Solution (vial 50 ml) Mio KIU
PF800277 Aprotinin Powder, lyoph. (vial 1 g) Mio KIU
PF126-10 r-Hirudin EC (vial 2000 ATU) vial
PF381-01 Pefabloc® TH (α-NAPAP) (vial 5mg) mg
PF399-01 Pefabloc® SC (vial 1 g, 10 g) 1g, 10g
PF099-01 Pefabloc® FG g
PF099-11 Pefabloc® FG (vial 50 mg) vial

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