Trinity Biotech G-6-PDH

Trinity Biotech G-6-PDH reagent kit

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G-6-PDH)

Trinity Biotech provides a range of tests and components for the quantitative and qualitative determination of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G-6-PDH)


  • Quantitative Kinetic tests
  • Qualitative screening test
  • Qualitative Dye Reduction tests

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G-6-PDH) Deficiency is an X-linked disorder. Males who inherit an abnormal gene are invariably affected. Heterozygote females usually have approximately 50% G-6-PDH enzyme activity. It is most common in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, South East Asia and West Africa. It is rare among Caucasians.


Ultraviolet, Kinetic (quantitative)


Glucose-6-phosphate + NADP + G-6-PDH 6-PG + NADPH + H+
The rate of formation of NADPH is proportional to the G-6-PDH activity is measured spectrophotometrically as an increase in absorbance at 340nm.


Presentation is usually with an acute episode of intravascular haemolysis on exposure to certain drugs, infection or acute illness. Mediterranean forms may present with neonatal jaundice. The condition is also known as favism as sudden haemolysis may be precipitated by the ingestion of fava beans – Vicia faba. The deficiency is generally less severe in Africans and favism is rare in this population.

G-6-PDH Trizma Buffer Solution Trinity Biotech 400-4-50 50ml
G-6-PDH Deficiency Screen Kit Trinity Biotech 400K-100-5X20 5 assays/vail 100 assays
G-6-PDH Deficiency Screen Kit Trinity Biotech 400K-100X 10 assays/vail 100 assays
G-6-PDH Mineral Oil Trinity Biotech


1000 ml
G-6-PDH Deficiency Screen Substrate Trinity Biotech 400-10×10 10 assay vails-100 Assays
G-6-PDH Deficiency Screen Substrate Trinity Biotech 400-5×10 5 assay vails-50 Assays
G-6-PDH Quantitative kit Trinity Biotech 345-B 50 Assays
G-6-PDH Deficiency Screen by Spot Test kit Trinity Biotech 203-a 50 Assays
G-6-PDH Control – Deficient Trinity Biotech G5888 6×0.5ml
G-6-PDH Control – Intermediate Trinity Biotech G5029 6×0.5ml
G-6-PDH Control – Normal Trinity Biotech G6888 6×0.5ml
G-6-PDH Red Cell Lysing Reagent Trinity Biotech R1129 4x25ml

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