Veinlite LED®

Veinlite Vein Finder

Veinlite’s industry-leading vein access products are designed to enable medical professionals to perform easy, fast vein access. Doctors, nurses, EMS personnel, phlebotomists and other specialized healthcare workers depend on Veinlite for successful vein access under any conditions.

There’s no question that one of the most routine invasive procedures carried out by medical professionals every day is venipuncture, or vein access. But sometimes even experienced professionals have difficulty locating a suitable vein, due to a patient’s age (elderly or pediatric), obesity, or even skin color. The result is often multiple venipuncture attempts, leading to patient discomfort, dissatisfaction and delayed treatment.

Product information

Veinlites produce a ring of bright light which is focused down and to the center of the ring. When a Veinlite is placed on the skin, the light uniformly illuminates the superficial tissues inside the ring. De-oxygenated blood in veins absorbs the light so veins show as dark lines within the illuminated area. Placing gentle pressure on the Veinlite® stretches the skin and engorges the vein for easier needle insertion through the opening in the ring.

The orange LEDs produce the best wavelength of light for absorption by deoxygenated blood in veins, so the orange light gives the best contrast for vein viewing. TransLite has a patent on the use of this wavelength of light for finding veins (Patent Number US 7,874,698 B2). The red LEDs are used because they produce light with a longer wavelength that travels deeper into the tissues and penetrates darker skin better.