Skyla HB1

POC Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Provides the Best Solution for Point of Care Testing

  • Slimme disks voor de klinische chemie
  • Grote keuze parameters
  • Eenvoudige bediening

The skyla HB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer provides clinical testing laboratories of medical facilities and clinics with an in-vitro clinical chemistry diagnostic tool that is compact, portable, and reports rapid results.

The portable design of the clinical chemistry analyzer utilizes precision photometric measurement technology, combined with the single-use disposable reagent discs. The reagent disc contains a set of dry assay reagents that are used in the quantitative testing of various biomarkers in the blood sample.

Simple 3-step procedure

The Skyla HB1 provides fully automatic procedures to test samples with only three steps:

  • Inject 200 μl blood sample
  • Press “START” and then insert reagent disc
  • Read the results
Skyla HB1 example of usage

More benefits

Multi-parameter Testing

The device allows 23 test parameters
with fast and accurate analysis.

15 minute test time

Results in 15 minutes. The device
supports 23 test parameters with
fast and accurate analysis

200µl Micro Sample Size

The whole blood, serum or plasma is
accepted. A full biochemistry profile test
only needs 200µl of blood. No sample
preparation is required when testing
whole blood.

Reliable Test Results

Internal Quality Control (IQC) with
self-calibration of optical system,
chemicals stability and interference
alerts functions monitor and ensure
the results with high accuracy.

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Skyla HB1 Specifications


Colormetric System LEDs 340nm~940nm wavelength

Sample & Panel

Test Profiles Panels
Measurement Time Panel: up to 15 tests/ 15 min
Sample Type & Volume 200 μl whole blood (PCV<60%), plasma, serum

Operating Condition

Temperature / Humidity 10 to 32˚C / 5 to 90 %                                               


User Interface 5 inch color LCD touch screen
Internal Memory Built in thermal printer or external USB printer (PCL 3GUI)
USB Socket                                                                 USB type A (Host) for external USB Printer, USB flash drive (FAT) or external barcode scanner
Data transmission to PC RS232 serial port or RJ45 (LAN)
Dimensions 233 (W) X 285 (D) X 300 (H) mm
Weight 5.5 kg