Biomedica Diagnostics Thrombotic Risk Markers

Thrombotic Risk Markers

For individuals with a documented thrombotic event and a family history of thrombosis, testing coagulation factors is crucial for diagnosing the condition. Deficiencies of natural anticoagulants Antithrombin III, Protein C, Protein S, and factor mutations such as Activated Protein C Resistance may lead to venous thrombosis: Superficial Venous thrombosis (SVT), Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE). Specific coagulation factors released from the vascular endothelium, Thrombomodulin and Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor offer information about endothelial dysfuncti on. When hemostasis is disrupted because thrombi are not degraded, levels of Plasminogen and Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Type 1 (PAI-1) may provide information to the state of the patient. The mechanisms of thrombosis in cancer patients involve a complex interacti on between the tumor cell, the patient, and the hemostatic system. Tumors may activate coagulation by their expression of Tissue Factor.

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Thrombotic Risk Markers

BMD101201 SPECTROLYSE PAI-1 Kit 60 Tests
BMD603 IMUCLONE Alpha-2-Antiplasmin ELISA Kit 96 Tests
BMD635 IMUCLONE FPA (Fibrinopeptide A) ELISA Kit 96 Tests
BMD842 IMUCLONE Free Protein S Elisa Kit 96 Tests
BMD821 IMUBIND Tissue PAI-1 ELISA Kit 96 Tests
BMD822 IMUBIND Plasma PAI-1 ELISA Kit 96 Tests
BMD837 IMUBIND Thrombomodulin ELISA Kit 96 Tests
BMD845 IMUBIND Tissue Factor ELISA Kit 96 Tests
BMD840 ACTICLOT Activated Protein C Resistance Kit 120 Tests
BMD840C ACTICLOT Activated Protein C Resistance Control Kit 96 Tests
BMD843L ACTICLOT Protein S, activity assay Kit 40 Tests
BMD ACC-45 ACTICLOT C, Protein C activity assay Kit 45 Tests
BMD846 ACTICHROME TF, activity assay Kit 100 Tests
BMD848 ACTICHROME TFPI, activity assay Kit 100 Tests
BMD851 ACTICHROME PLG, activity assay Kit 40 Tests
BMD838 ACTICHROME AT III, activity assay Kit 60 Tests

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