Pentapharm Chromogenic Substrates

Chromogenic Substrates

Specific synthetic chromogenic peptide substrates for the measurement of the activity of various serine proteases in the field of:

  • Coagulation
  • Fibrinolysis
  • Kallikrein-kinin system
  • Complement system

Specific, low molecular weight synthetic substrates for various serine proteinases in the coagulation system. Application: diagnostics tests for single factors of coagulation or fibrinolysis or their inhibitors as well as during in-process control of enzyme production.

Packing sizes: 25 mg, 1 g, 5 g (further packaging on request)

Chromogenic Substrates

PF081-01 Pefachrome® TH 5244 vial 25 mg
PF081-05 Pefachrome® TH 5247 vial 25 mg
PF081-09 Pefachrome® TH 5251 vial 25 mg
PF081-11 Pefachrome® FXIIa/TH 5253 vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF081-15 Pefachrome® TH 5256 vial 25 mg
PF081-17 Pefachrome® TG vial 25 mg
PF081-45 Pefachrome® 6017 3x vial 10 μmol Datasheet download
PF081-66 Pefachrome® TH 8198 (corresp. S-2238) vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF082-33 Pefachrome® uPA 8294 (corresp. S-2444) vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF083-01 Pefachrome® PL/Tryp 5261 vial 25 mg
PF083-02 Pefachrome® PL 5262 vial 25 mg
PF083-03 Pefachrome® PL 5263 vial 25 mg
PF083-04 Pefachrome® PL 5264 vial 25 mg
PF084-01 Pefachrome® TRY 5274 vial 25 mg
PF085-01 Pefachrome® FXa 5277 vial 25 mg
PF085-03 Pefachrome® FXa 5279 vial 25 mg
PF085-06 Pefachrome® FXa/LAL 5288 vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF085-27 Pefachrome® FXa 8595 (corresp. S-2765) vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF802050 Pefachrome® FXa 2732 (corresp. S-2732) vial 25 mg
PF086-11 Pefachrome® LAL 5288 vial 100 μmol
PF087-03 Pefachrome® C1E vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF089-02 Pefachrome® Pca vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF091-01 Pefachrome® tPA vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF091-03 Pefachrome® tPA5312 vial 25 mg
PF093-01 Pefachrome® FVIIa vial 25 mg Datasheet download
PF095-20 Pefachrome® FIXa vial 25 mg Datasheet download

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