Pentapharm Protease Inhibitors

Protease Inhibitors

Pentapharm offers a series of protease inhibitors. The inhibitors are applied to protect specifc proteins from proteolytic degradation or to remove undesired proteolytic activity and subsequently increase specifcity of proteases or of chromogenic substrate assays.

Inhibits serine proteases

PF073-70 Aprotinin Conc. Solution Vial 50 ml Datasheet download
PF800277 Aprotinin Powder, lyoph. Vial 1g Datasheet download
PF399-01 Pefabloc® SC Vial 1g/10g Datasheet download

Inhibits fibrin polymerization 

PF099-01 Pefabloc® FG Bulk Datasheet download

Inhibits serine proteases

PF073-70 Pefabloc® TH (α-NAPAP) Vial 50ml Datasheet download
PF126-10 r-Hirudin EC 2000 ATU Datasheet download